All without having to hire a single engineer.

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FinStack ?

We understand that building a FinTech product can be tiresome. We are here to solve that problem for you in the easiest possible manner.
Launch any FinTech product
Personal Loan, BNPL, Co-branded cards, PPI wallets, you name it!
Build to Scale
Million users, Billion users? Don't worry about it one bit. We can run up to an infinite scale.
Secure and Compliant
We understand that security is empirical. Build loan products with our most secure partners.

Become a FinTech Powerhouse with FinStack

Our no-code Journey Builder helps lenders and fintech to optimize their underwriting and customer journeys in a few clicks.

Integrate all the Data points

Connect your data and all third-party integration in under 10 minutes.

Build customer journeys through a No-Code interface

With FinStack's no-code Journey Builder, create, simulate and implement underwriting policies, customer journeys and onboarding flows.

Powerful CRM to track customers

Our powerful CRM can act as an LMS for loans and CMS for cards to track performance of policies as well as analysing the sales funnel. You can connect the same with your own CRM as well!

Decision Engine
Loan management System

Integrate all the Data points

Connect your data and all third-party integration in under 10 minutes.

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Build customer journeys through a No-Code interface

Powerful CRM to track customers


Enterprise-grade Security, Privacy, Accessibility.

Our Security and Privacy controls meet the highest standards of public agencies and highly regulated markets.

AES Encryption for digital lending ISO-27001 for no-code FinTech platform PCI DSS for interoperable wallet with Co-branded PPI cards
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinStack?

FinStack empowers you to revolutionize the way you offer loans, recharges, bill payments and other FinTech solutions. With its no-code approach, you can quickly and easily create a product tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to go live and start serving your customers in no time.

I don't have a product yet - just a concept. can I use FinStack?

Yes, if you currently do not have a product in place, you can absolutely utilize FinStack to create one for your business. This way, you can start serving your customers quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive coding or hiring additional developers.

I already have a product, can I use FinStack?

Yes, if you already have an established product, you can still take advantage of the benefits of FinStack. The platform is designed to integrate with your existing integrations (with your existing API keys) and custom workflows, making it possible to retain your current product while also enjoying the added features and benefits that FinStack provides.

Can I be FinStack's integration partner?

Yes, it is possible to become a FinStack integration partner. FinStack operates as an orchestration layer, integrating with a wide range of services, including KYC, bureau APIs, bank statement extraction, GST data parsing, land registry APIs, and vehicle registration APIs. If you offer any services that can enhance FinStack's offerings, we can list them on our DataHub and integrate in our journey Builder.

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